Does Your Regional Director Need to Stay Regional with Remote Work?

Jun 4, 2021

Posted by: Sal Mazzarella, Managing Director, Sales Search Partners

Although you may be looking for a regional sales director to work remotely, you probably still want them to live in or near the state you operate in. Some of the biggest reasons why involve legal, financial, or operational issues. Although this remote role may have geographic restrictions, you still have a broad candidate base.

Find out why your regional sales director working remotely should live in or near the state you operate in.

Employment Laws

Because each state’s employment laws may differ from federal laws, your company may be more restrictive on where they hire workers. For instance, employers that operate in states with minimal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) coverage may not want to hire employees in states with generous FMLA coverage. Since background checks are state-regulated, spending resources reaching out to other states for information on a potential hire may not be optimal. Because states regulate workers’ compensation insurance requirements, and not all states require businesses to carry the insurance, employers in states that do not require workers’ compensation insurance may not want to hire workers from states that do.

Tax Restrictions

Since employees typically pay state income tax to the state where they perform work, and one state’s income tax laws may significantly vary from another state’s laws, your employer may be less inclined to hire workers from out of state. Companies with employees in other states need to withhold and pay income tax to each state their employees work in. Although some states have no income tax, other states charge a flat rate, have a bracketed income tax range, or have restrictions on taxing employees who perform within state lines. Navigating other states’ income taxes and withholding laws creates additional work and compliance concerns for employers.

Health Insurance

Since health insurance companies can regulate group plans based on the number of in-state employees an employer has, your employer may not qualify for a group plan if their workforce has too many out-of-state employees. Even if an employer qualifies for a group health insurance plan, they may be unable to provide benefits to remote employees who live in other states. Because states vary in their definition of family members and marriage laws, some states may allow same-sex married couples on family insurance plans while other states may not. These issues may discourage employers from hiring out-of-state workers.

Onsite Requirements

Your regional sales director most likely needs to travel to and from company headquarters or visit clients occasionally. They also may need to attend in-person onboarding, training, and meetings to become thoroughly acquainted with the organization and immersed in its culture. Reducing travel expenses is easier when your director lives in the state where your company is located.

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