Is Financial Wellness Missing from Your Benefits Package?

Feb 9, 2021

Posted by: Sales Search Partners

Financial wellness may be defined as effectively managing one’s economic life. This includes spending within a person’s means, being financially prepared for emergencies, having access to the information and tools required to make sound financial decisions, and having a plan for the future. The goal of financial wellness is to create financial security. Although this is important for everyone, few employees report having access to the financial services and benefits they feel are most important to them.

As a result, you want to include a comprehensive approach to financial wellbeing that helps employees build lasting financial strength and stability as part of your benefits package.

Take a Holistic Approach

Financial wellness programs need to offer holistic support and advice for employees. The ideas and information need to meet their short-term needs while working toward long-term goals. Since employees have different financial priorities and obligations, a successful program requires tailored solutions to meet their unique circumstances.

Start a Plan

A financial wellness plan needs to be customized for each employee. It may begin with digital engagement, interviews, and examination of the employee’s pay and benefits records to create a complete picture of their finances. The objective is to understand the employee’s goals regarding paying taxes, buying a home, creating and maintaining good credit, healthcare, emergency preparedness, education costs, paying down debt, saving for retirement, and other financial issues.

Implement the Plan

Once a financial wellness plan is created, the employee must begin implementing it. This includes learning the concepts of good financial health and having access to the tools needed to act on this knowledge. The employee may need to use software to keep track of financial goals. Or, they might require a financial coach or advisor to review their finances and provide suggestions to maintain goal engagement and accountability.

Focus on Employee Advantages

Point out the advantages that employees gain by participating in your financial wellness offerings. For instance, they’re able to gain knowledge and information to more informed financial decisions to successfully manage a long-term strategy. Having a comprehensive understanding of their finances means employees can create effective strategies for dividing and automating their paychecks among bills, savings, investments, and other commitments. These skills and tools help to develop and support successful financial outcomes. When employees regularly plan for financial emergencies and other irregular expenses, they’re better equipped to pay for unexpected bills without incurring additional debt. Demonstrating positive financial habits can have a more significant impact on an employee’s wellbeing than an increase in income. Because a lack of disposable income is a common reason why employees don’t participate in retirement plans and other employer-provided financial benefits, more effective use of income can provide funds to put away for the future.

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