Remote Sales Tactics to Ensure Success

Jul 27, 2021

Posted by: Sales Search Partners

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, odds are you’re working remotely in your sales position. In an attempt to control the spread of the virus, you’re probably no longer able to have in-person meetings with prospects. As a result, you don’t have the typical contact that helps to develop trust with potential clients. Thankfully, you can still be successful at selling while keeping your distance from prospects.  

Follow these tips to sell while working remotely successfully.     

Prospect Daily  

Make prospecting a daily habit. Schedule time for prospecting calls when your work environment is quiet and free of distractions. Use customer relationship management (CRM) software that’s clean and continuously filled with accurate information. This shows critical information for you to a prospect based on preferred company characteristics. It also lets you filter out prospects based on your ideal customer profile, making it easier to narrow down which prospects you call.    

Connect with Prospects  

Regularly connect with your prospects. When you call or email them, make sure you’re in a quiet place with a strong connection. Have a data-backed reason to reach out with a practiced pitch. If you have software to record your sales calls, use it so your manager or director can provide constructive feedback.   

Arrange Virtual Meetings  

Set up prospect meetings through video conferencing. Research the prospect and their company so you’re well-prepared for the meeting. Understand your prospect’s role, needs, and situation so you can provide relevant solutions to alleviate their pain points. Begin your meeting by sharing a joke, personal anecdote, or another icebreaker to lighten the mood. During the discussion, present a slide deck with visually impactful content about your company’s products or services. Focus on the features that address your prospect’s pain points. Include proven results, quotes from satisfied clients, or part of a report you created after a successful project. Ask and answer questions to keep prospects engaged, understand them better, and help them understand what you have to offer. At the end of your meeting, clarify the next steps. Set up a time to talk again.   

Follow Up  

Regularly follow up with prospects. Make sure they feel as confident about moving forward as you do. Use the momentum you created during virtual meetings to ask questions about your prospects in the decision-making process, provide additional information, answer questions, and overcome objections. Continue to show how your products or services will make your prospects’ lives easier.   

Close Deals   

When your prospects are ready to make decisions, prepare to close the deal. Negotiate the details, then use your proposal management software to create PDF documents detailing your agreements. Email the documents to your prospects, have them sign using your company’s e-signature technology, and ask them to email the documents back to you.     

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