Why Finding the Right Sales Manager Matters More Than Anything

Dec 8, 2021

Posted by: Jason Alexander, Managing Partner, Sales Search Partners

Your sales manager is responsible for overseeing and leading sales professionals. Your manager implements sales management processes, strategies, and objectives to help their team reach or exceed targets and goals. Because of these high-level responsibilities, choosing the most qualified candidate is of great importance.

The following responsibilities demonstrate why hiring the right sales manager needs to be a top priority for your company.

Recruiting Sales Professionals 

Your sales manager is responsible for hiring outstanding sales professionals. This process includes writing strong job descriptions, interviewing qualified candidates, and working with HR to develop a competitive salary and benefits package. The manager also has to train and coach sales professionals, provide team-building opportunities, and boost team morale.

Reaching Sales Goals 

Your sales manager is responsible for setting and achieving sales goals in line with company goals. For this reason, you need a manager with a solid background in team achievement levels, similar to what your company is looking for. This will help you determine whether the candidate is equipped to reach the expectations you have for your sales team. These may include expectations for team performance, territory enlargement, or employee retention.

Modeling Company Culture 

Your sales manager needs to behave in line with the company culture. Displaying attitudes and beliefs that reflect your organization’s mission, vision, and values set the sales team’s tone. It is important that your sales manager be honest, hardworking, and take responsibility for their team’s actions. Your manager should be service-oriented, maintain a positive attitude, and hold themselves and their team members accountable for results.

Managing Sales Strategy 

Your sales manager is responsible for setting the vision and strategy for their sales team. A critical part of this process is building a sales process for their team to follow. This keeps the team aligned by using the same steps to work toward the same goals. Identifying inefficiencies and finding ways to improve is essential.

Managing Sales Activity  

Your sales manager is responsible for monitoring the team’s day-to-day activities. This process includes celebrating wins, understanding losses, and advocating for the team. Addressing issues as they come up and working with the team to resolve them is important.

Managing Sales Reporting 

Your sales manager is responsible for analyzing and reporting on sales activity. They create a streamlined reporting process, so their team knows what they are being measured on and when. Reporting on metrics such as win rate, average sales cycle, or lead-to-opportunity conversion rate provides a basis for feedback to improve individual and team performance. Your sales manager also uses this data to forecast future sales revenue and update team standards and goals.

Find Your Next Sales Manager  

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